A desire becomes a concept, a concept becomes reality,
reality transcends emotions.
In a world of emotions… every second counts

Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself! Whether you are getting married or preparing for a special event, it should be a celebration that you cherish forever!  At Amuse, we specialize in memorable events!

Our discerning, international client base includes aristocrats, high-spend public figures and couples seeking unique and surprising celebrations.

We pride ourselves in being easily accessible and available to our clients and working with honesty and integrity.

Some people believe hiring a wedding planner is a luxury afforded only to the rich and famous. At Amuse Concept Events, we believe a wedding planner is a must-have for every bride and groom, no matter the budget, simply because it means you get to be a guest at your own wedding and enjoy it. A wedding is a significant and memorable event in your life and we believe it should be as stress-free for the bride and groom as possible.

Our wedding organisers assist with every aspect

A wedding planner is especially important if you have a fabulous vision of how you want your wedding to be, but you don’t quite know how to make it happen, or if you’re planning on having a destination wedding in a place you don’t know much about.

We meet couples with all sorts of budgets and collaborate to come up with a concept that incorporates all the things the bridal couple likes best in the world. After all, the wedding is about you and we do our best to create an event which resonates with you as a couple and reflects your personalities in all aspects, from the flowers to the wedding favours.

Our wedding planners take responsibility for the entire timeline of the wedding, from the months leading up to it, to the minute details on the big day. We act as the primary point of contact on the day for all other service providers to ensure the bride and groom do not need to be bothered at all. In effect, we give you complete peace of mind.

The major benefit of hiring a wedding planner is that we have a host of resources at our disposal. We have insider knowledge on the best cake makers, florists, designers, musicians and DJs, amongst many other things. We put our couples in touch with the right people, from the start.

Hiring one of our wedding planners will ensure your wedding day has an effortless flow to it, and that’s a sure-fire sign of an excellently co-ordinated wedding.

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