A powerful story, an awe-inspiring event,
an experience that captivates.

Ignite your audience

We are not just florists or caterers, club promoters or party planners. We are event people.

Opening and closing ceremonies, gala dinners, big-name festivals and stage shows: ceremony celebrations at Amuse simply have it all.

Develop the concept; the story; apply a theme and shape a run order; develop a detailed cue sheet; undertake technical audits; and ensure slick cueing; procure MC talent; appoint caterers; choreograph creative; and schedule entertainment components; set an audio, vision and lighting spec; brief the client, internal staff and contractors; integrate into a sport presentation package when necessary; conduct rehearsals and technical checks, and so much more…

We know one size does not fit all and our work speaks for itself.

Discover how to organize a seamless experience
your audience will never forget.

Amuse Event Management’s ceremonial events team follows a set agenda when managing events of this calibre. We closely collaborate with our clients to construct a unique and creative concept for the theme of the event and plan it according to their budget. We source the ideal location, create and manage the guest list and generate and distribute marketing collateral . We liaise with all the relevant contractors to ensure timeous delivery of services, including caterers, florists, etc. and we design and construct the entire “set,” from the red carpet, to the backdrops, stages and podiums. Our technical expertise allows us to manage any sound, lighting and audio/visual components the event requires. Our services also include creating newsworthy hooks at all of our ceremonial events to inspire ample media interest.

We are confident in our ability to organise top-notch ceremonial events which inspire, excite and create brand awareness across the board.