Nimble enough to facilitate change and to adapt

What Complexities? Taking an event on the road nationwide, with the same exact, expected and required deliverables each time is complex? Nope.

Amuse means managing all the time lines, venue selection and travel logistics whilst ensuring consistent quality production and staffing to deliver the best possible product or brand activation country wide, at each venue.

And by the way, all this with perfect results at each individual event ensuring your objectives are met through a memorable experience. A powerful marketing collateral to ensure consumers remember you long after the show is over.

Make your roadshow exceedingly interesting and convince potential customers to believe in your brand. You’re going to spend the money anyway, so do it well and fulfil your vision.

Organize a great roadshow and bring your brand to life.

A roadshow needs to be exceedingly interesting in order to convince potential customers to believe in your brand. We believe, if you’re going to spend money on a roadshow, and they can be costly, then do it well. At Amuse Event Management, we partner with roadshow experts to help clients put together the best possible event they can afford. We have established contacts, who assist companies to reach out to their networks and we take care of all the promotions at the show. We manage all the logistics that are required to deliver a successful roadshow: we book and organise travel and accommodation of all employees involved, we plan and track the itinerary and we supply any necessary documentation. Most importantly, our technical team supplies and installs any audio/visual, sound, lighting or digital media equipment that is required to fulfil your roadshow vision.

After the fact, video footage taken at your roadshow can reap further benefits by serving as a digital marketing tool. The best of your video clips can be posted onto your social media platforms and then viewed and shared, creating further exposure for your brand. This applies to photos taken as well. In fact, we capitalise on all the great visual content our roadshows generate as they provide noteworthy social media content for weeks after the event.