A brand is the sum of everything it has ever been

Connect people, brands and retailers wherever and whenever, ultimately getting your brand on buyers’ receipts.

Understand the shopper and the evolving retail environment both on & offline. We make it our business to uncover insights for our clients that influence brand choice on the journey to purchase, enabling us to deliver

Communication occurs when the audience does something with the message.

Amuse has the tools, processes and experience to meet your business objectives, bringing ideas to life across multiple communication platforms.

Digital experiences that connect and engage – ultimately provide the best outcome for your brands online. Cultivate original ideas and produce work that hits the mark, generating great results time after time. Memorable experiences to connect brands with people who matter the most to them.

We are a group of fertile brains at your disposal.

Below the line marketing is a most cost-effective marketing tool and allows brands to hone in on their target audience. It also requires less of a financial investment than other forms of marketing and, as a result, usually has a greater return on investment. This form of marketing is also more easily tracked and measured, which means greater insight can be gained when it comes to determining which strategies increase your return on investment, and which do not. Our team of experts will collaborate on a below the line marketing campaign to suit your company’s budget and goals and help you determine the most effective mediums you can use to reach your buyers.

Promotion marketing : What we do

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Amuse Concept Events sets up “personalised” emails for our clients to communicate with a diverse range of consumers, as well as conceptualising and managing exhibition planning and construction of stalls for a variety of industries.

Companies can tweak and design unique messages they wish to convey and supply immediate, tactile information to their consumers, even customising media to suit local preferences.

Brands benefit from these more focused interactions with their consumers, resulting in better scope for reliable evaluation. Search engine marketing, social media, PR and content marketing all add to the tools we utilise to communicate on your behalf, in effect, giving businesses more control over the “message” they portray to their consumers.

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