Become the Producer

Seminars on Event Management

Event management is an exciting and limitless industry in constant need of people with specialized skills.

In order to cover this need, “Amuse Concept Events” created for the first time in Greece a series of specialized seminars on planning, organizing and producing events.

If you want

to learn the secrets of production from the best,

to be part of a team which creates the biggest events,

to open a door to new and exciting possibilities,


Amuse School of Events was made just for you

These seminars are aimed not only to young people who want to get a first-hand experience on event management, but also to professionals who want to expand their knowledge and specialize in concept events.

Every series of seminars will cover the following subjects:

  • Management / Production Management

  • Team Building

  • Festival

  • Conference/ Corporate Event

  • Event Direction

After the conclusion of the course,
an internship will be offered covering important events of Amuse.

All of the participants will receive a certificate of participation

Registration starts on 6/03

The Instructors

Vasilis Mentzelopoulos Producer and CEO of Amuse Concept Events

Vassilis Mentzelopoulos

Executive Producer and CEO of Amuse Concept Events

(Management/ Production Management)

Vassilis Mentzelopoulos was born in Athens in 1964.

He graduated from Athens College in 1983 and continued his academic career in the National Technical University of Patras getting his MS in Civil Engineering in 1989.
He has also studied Marketing & Communications.

In 1988 he makes his public debut as the host of the music TV show “TV party”, which airs on ET2 channel, and the next year he creates and produces the daily game show “Me to klidi sto heri” on ET1 channel.

Until 1992 he collaborated with the production company “TV Cosmos” and he was the Executive Producer in most of the Greek National TV’s holiday special programs. Meanwhile he was working as a producer in many concerts. During his productions he has had the opportunity to meet and work with internationally acclaimed artists such as Charles Aznavour, Shirley Bassey, Barry White, Jerry Lee Lewis, Scorpions, Gloria Gaynor, Frank Sinatra and many others.

At the same time, he worked as a radio producer for more than 15 years in many of Athens’ radio stations such as Athens 98.4, Radio Attica 99,4, POP FM, Kiss FM and Capital 96,5. He was also the latter’s General Manager.

Since 2000 he is producing events and television shows with the companies “The Firm beyond the Line” and “Amuse Concept Events”. During his career of more than 25 years in the event industry, he has managed the production of over 1000 events of all size and scope.

George D. Lembesis (Writer – Producer) Creative Producer

George D. Lembessis

(Writer – Producer) Creative Producer

(Concept / Team Building / Festival)

He was born in Athens in 1981. He studied music technology and music industry, as well as Cultural Unit Management. While studying, he worked as a music producer in the popular Athenian radio station Atlantis.

In 2003 he started his collaboration as a production manager with “On Stage Production”. He has been a part of more than 500 productions in Greece and abroad (with collaborations such as: River Party, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Rockin Athens, Tania Tsanaklidou, Kosmos Festival and many more.)

A milestone in his career is the first kids’ festival in Greece (Town for Kids, 2008 & 2009), which he created. The festival was a newfound success; it managed a great number of participants and achieved great critical acclaim.

Since October 2010 he has been teaching production management in “Spring People college”, while at the same time he creates his own production company called “Gold Producta Hanndling”. It manages productions with over three hundred thousand participants. Meanwhile, he co-creates “Loukoumi Bar” in Avyssinia square. It is an innovative area for expression and entertainment.

In May 2016 he starts shutting down GPH and is working exclusively with the biggest event management company in Greece - Amuse Concept Events - as a Creative Producer.

As a writer of children’s literature, George D. Lembessis is voted among the top 10 children’s literature writers for two consecutive years (2014 – 2015), in the awards “Penes tis hronias”, where more than 2500 writers participated.

Until November 2015, seven of his books e.g. “Psarosoupa” have become best-sellers with more than 40000 sales. In addition, many schools in Greece adapt his books for their school plays.

He has written 15 children's literature books, 4 plays and 12 surreal novels in total.

Charis Nikolaidis Production Manager

Haris Nikolaidis

Production Manager

(Conference/ Corporate event/ Client Management)

Haris Nikolaidis was born in Athens in 1977.

He was interested in producing events from a very young age.
He organized all of his school’s events, even his High School Graduation.

He later studied “Marketing Advertising and Imaging and Public Relations” and subsequently he acquired a Master’s Degree in “Communication and Corporate Management” in London’s Royal Holloway university.

After his graduation he worked as a junior producer in theaters and festivals for a few years. Subsequently he worked with the biggest production companies of Greece as a producer and production manager in events and festivals.

Projects worth mentioning are his participation in the production of “Athens 2004” and elections campaigns for the leading Greek parties. The last few years he has been working as an in-house Production Manager for the distinguished “Amuse Concept Events”, where he is the head of the department for Production and Promotion.

Emmanuel Manios, Creative Director

Emmanuel Manios

Creative Director

(Event Direction)

Emmanuel Manios was born in Montreal Canada in 1977, where he spent his early childhood.

Later on he moved to Athens until the age of 19, when he left for London and studied Visual Theories and Film (BA) and Multimedia Aesthetics (MA).

For a few years after his graduation he worked with TV stations in London as a flow director and as a documentaries’ director. He also worked in theaters and outdoor events as a production designer and director.

He returns to Greece to work with the managing team of the media press center for Athens 2004, where he worked for about a year in international broadcasting.
Subsequently he worked for big Greek production companies and has done TV productions and events of every scale.

In the last 4 years he has been working as an in-house “Events Creative Director/ Film Director” in “Amuse Concept Events” and has won many awards.

Learn from the best and enter the world of events!